Venus Retrograde 2020

ARE YOU COMPATIBLE? IS YOUR MONEY GIG SATISFYING? VENUS RETROGRADE will be asking you this for the next 6 weeks. Are you compatible? Are you happy? Are you having fun? Are you smiling? Pandemics aren’t usually known for their frivolity, but keeping sane is a better strategy. And the quickest way to be practical is making time for your priorities. Key is knowing your values, then your priorities, then your preferences.
For the next six weeks, you will be asked to re-evaluate your love life, as well as your finances. Pace yourself. It is an unfurling of reviewing what the last couple of years has brought you in those departments. Funny how love & money go together in many ways. The key is to meditate enough so that you are aligned with your highest vision.
First, you need some quiet time to cultivate your vision. Let go into reverie for a moment, if you can, and give yourself some rest. Find ways to pamper yourself. This will give you more strength to show kindness to others. And our world needs more kindness, for sure! The moment you were born, a map was created for you. Astrology Life Maps & Horoscope Compatibility Now readings can give you the peace of mind of helping you recognize all of the above & more.
Self-discovery leads to self-mastery. This VENUS RETROGRADE happens every two years. But this year it’s in the sign of Gemini, so you will be feeling this pull to re-evaluate in the area of siblings, neighbors, as well as in your communications and intellectual pursuits. Find out how this Venus Retrograde will show up in your chart and be ready for the changes ahead. Your relationships have never been more important.
During this time, you will be asked to use your mind more, to make better decisions, to learn more for your own edification. Learn to observe your inner dialogue, recognize the creative & clever insights which will arise in your mind, if you practice good mental health. Rest more to permit more conscious reflection. Calm yourself in new & inventive ways to percolate your creative vision. Take time for yourself so you can more clearly communicate to others.
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